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The manner in which we educate our children is a pressing issue in our country as we strive to provide high quality and equal education to all. Charter schools have proven themselves to be effective in this cause. Notably, in Florida, charter schools have risen in popularity and renown. Charter schools are independently-operated schools that are open to all students, require no tuition, and are highly regarded by higher education institutions.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of a charter school education specifically for students in the state of Florida.


Having a Choice

Perhaps the most cited benefit regarding charter schools is the ability for parents, of any income level, to have the choice to enroll their child into a high-quality school. Many low-income neighborhoods do not have access to exceptional public schools. Likewise, minority students may find themselves at a disadvantage due to similarly limited options. This lack of access can lead to top-performing, dedicated, and intelligent students dropping out before reaching high school or simply not living up to their potential. 

In 93% of comparisons, students who were eligible for free or reduced lunches performed better academically in charter schools than they did in public schools; this demonstrates that a charter school education can benefit individuals of any economic status, especially in comparison to other education options.


All the Perks of Private Schools Without The High Tuition

A common misconception about charter schools is that you need to pay to be there. The reality is that most charter schools are funded by taxpayer money but are not held back by the same restrictions as public schools. In Florida, government funding for schools is based on student population, so charter schools receive funding from the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP) based on how many students enroll just like any other public school; this program supports appropriate allocation of funds to schools in order to best support student performance and individual. needs.


Innovation is Constant

Charter schools are a haven for constant innovation, and students are taught new, proven strategies and given early access to useful resources. Floridian charter schools promote high standards of education as well as a healthy degree of competition with public school districts to encourage higher levels of growth, independence, and overall improvement.


Longer Learning Times

Because public school classroom time is often slowed down by holidays, teacher development weeks, and extended summers, the students usually don’t get enough learning time. One study has shown that charter school students, on average, obtain 40 days more learning time than those within public schools. This, of course, has also been shown to improve the student’s overall scores.


Generally speaking, Florida’s charter schools have performed better on state assessments than district-run schools have. A charter school environment also tends to see greater levels of success among African American and Hispanic students in roughly 90% of comparisons. From the higher standards of academic performance, the prioritization of equal opportunities, and the push for innovation and individual success, charter schools offer a host of benefits to their students.