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Charter schools are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, particularly in low-income communities and among minorities. Studies have shown that charter schools benefit minority and poor students in several ways. Let’s take a closer look at their benefits. 


Charter Schools Equate to Months of Additional Learning

Compared to students who attend traditional schools, students at charter schools have substantial gains in standardized tests and academic achievement. This is especially true among minorities and low-income students. These achievements amount to the equivalent of months of additional learning.


Everyone Benefits from Charter Schools

When charter schools open in the community, funds are taken from local public schools. This creates a competition of sorts between the schools as the more students a school has, the more funding they receive. Studies show that students at both charter and traditional schools benefit from charter schools being in a community.


Students at Charter Schools have Better Outcomes

Children at charter schools demonstrate positive outcomes in many areas. Minorities who attend charter schools have been found to have:

  • Increased rates of graduation
  • Decreased teenage pregnancy rates
  • Higher college attendance
  • Increased college persistence, which is the number of students who return each year of college

Individualized Learning Helps Target Childrens’ Specific Needs

Individualized learning is one of the best things that charter schools have to offer. Public schools often have strict criteria for what they can and cannot teach. While charter schools must take the same standardized tests and follow the same primary curriculum, they have more freedom in how subjects are taught. This allows for individualized learning that can be tailored to minority and low-income students. Targeting exactly what a child needs to gain a quality education helps everyone thrive.


The future will show what is in store for charter schools. Charter schools are an excellent way to help minority students through an individualized learning experience.